Want to get your brand in front of 10,000 people a month?

Placemat ads are your answer!

Placemat advertisement will get your business name, brand, and logo known in the Flagler County area!

Affordable small business advertising that works!

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Placemat Ad Package:

Placemat Ad Monthly Budget

Single Ad 3x2.5 - $200

Double Ad- 6x2.5 - $400

Triple Ad - 3x7.5 - $600

Single Ad


$200 Per Month

Double Ad


$400 Per Month

Triple Ad


$600 Per Month

Ad Creatives can include:

Logo • Images • Messaging • QR Codes • Call to Action

SPECIAL: Our team will create your AD for you at no additional charge! Place your order and put our team to work!

Get Your Business & Brand In Front Of Your Future Customers!

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Main Benefits of Placemat Advertising


Help customers learn more about your business through local placemat ads. Customers get to know your brand through visual ads.


Advertising effectively doesn't have to be expensive. Local businesses looking to reach out to local customers and not spend a lot of money find that placemat advertising smart, effective and affordable.

Local Reach

Reach more potential customers in your local area. Cornerstone helps you reach the right customers at the right time.

More Customers

Get more visits to your local business. Reach your business customer goals, Local customers use the information found in local ads more than any other source. increase your customer base now!

Placemats Put Your Brand Right In Front Of Your Customers!

Cornerstone Center! Products That Get Your Brand Recognized!

Why Choose Placemat Advertisement?

Brand Recognition

Advertising on placemats get your brand recognized and solidified. The more a potential customer sees your logo, your brand, and your business, the more likely they will call your business when they need your product or service. Don't hesitate. Get your local advertising going now!


Local advertising doesn't have to break the bank! Placemat advertising is smart, affordable and effective!

Local Advertising

Placemat advertising is one of the best ways to get your company noticed. Each customer spends up to 12 minutes waiting for their order at local restaurants. While waiting, they read the ads. This reenforces brand recognition. Get your small business recognized locally by all your potential customers.

Products That Get Your Brand Recognized!

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